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Smoky's Story

If I had to name just one of our FeLV cats for this story it would probably be Smoky. Smoky was a 3 month old russian blue kitten who taught me and my wife about fighting. See, we run a sanctuary for FeLV cats and Smoky was to come to us as an adoptee.

When we saw him he as no more that 8 weeks old had tested positive for FeLV and was fighting ringworm, the vets at out SPCA thought he would fight thru it and be ok. Smoky finally beat the ringworm and came home about 3-4 weeks later. Within about 3 weeks he devoloped cancer in his eyes and lost all color and vision in them. Sadly he was sent over the Rainbow Bridge.

Smoky never gave up his fight to live and was always in a lap or in your seat to say Hi. Surly he will be missed by us, but he gave us the love that we now pass on every day to the other 9 FeLV cats we have. We have started a sanctuary for FeLV cats. We currently have 9 ranging in age from 3 years old to 12 years old. All of them were said to un-adoptable by people. All are happy to have a Second Chance.

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This site is dedicated to Bailey, my positive and inspiration to keep helping positive cats in need.

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