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Lukas's Story

The first day I visited MSPCA Angell to look at kitties for adoption -- this little guy picked me. He jumped out of the cage into my arms when I opened the latch and nuzzled under my chin to purr. He crawled into my lap and lounged around with me in the visiting room and I promised him that I would take him out of there. He had been emaciated with suspected abuse when he was surrendered to the shelter 3months prior. It is hard to imagine this handsome boy being treated that way!!!!

I later found out he is FeLV positive (likely latent infection), but we went home together anyway:) He has taken over my apartment and created a very special bond with me over the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we just found out that Lukas also has a "loud" heart murmur during our first vet visit today. I can't believe the shelter had not worked this up or told me.

Either way, I am glad that he is home with me but feel sad and scared about his future. It will be very hard to see this little guy suffer. We will undergo the necessary testing even though he seems so happy and healthy now. Thank you all for posting your stories here-- it has been a valuable resource for me to learn about FeLV and accept this condition in my new family member. I am inspired to give Lukas a happy home, even if only for a little while. We will keep you all updated on how he is doing ..... to be continued.

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