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Mr Darcy's Story

I would take my baby outside on a leash to let him chase after the bugs in the grass, but one day, he got out on his own and was gone for a half hour. When I found him, he was wheezing and hacking. When I brought him to the vet, he had an upper respiratory infection and we found out that he had Felv, which was knocked into full gear by the URI. This was in August of 2008.

By December, he was at 5% for his RBC and he only had enough energy to pick his head up to eat some syringe fed a/d and use the toilet once a day. We decided for a blood transfusion in January of 2009 and it bumped him up to 12% RBC. After a week, we got him tested and his RBC had miraculously gone up to 17%, he was creating his own RBCs!!! We had him on interferon every other week for 7 days, I guess it was helping. Now, it is January 2010 and he's acting healthy even though his RBC is only ay 20%. He's really happy and he messes around with my other cat (who is still Felv negative to this date).

I'll update with any more news. Oh, we had an ultrasound done last month (he was vomiting quite a bit) and there was no cancer. He had been peeing and drinking a lot and the ultrasound found some decreased kidney function but nothing to be alarmed about yet. We're going to turn in another special blood test to rule out any other infections in a month or two. I'll keep you guys updated.

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